Colleen Barksdale

Colleen Barksdale teacher, author and speaker has had a life full of rich and varied experiences. This fullness has contributed to her story telling. Colleen’s life story is where pen to paper first took off in here autobiography, “Nakedness: Covered In Blood.” The autobiography documented her faith journey from Grand Rapids, Minnesota where she was born in 1955. The book touched on childhood scars and joys, high school escapades, 14 years in military service, 25 years teaching elementary school in Minneapolis, Minnesota to where she finds herself today.

Colleen is retired, living on wooded acreage in northern Minnesota, creating tailor-made trails for her grandchildren with unique markers to celebrate each grandchild. In addition to trail- blazing, she has written and published two children’s books. One is in honor of her deceased father and his great sense of humor, entitled, “The Butcher, the Bakers, the Cowmunity Makers.” The other book is, “The Little Woods Runner,” which is the true story of how her granddaughter Dajahnae, being from the city, discovers her love of nature on her weekly visits to her grandparent’s home in the country.

Colleen Barksdale, old enough to be retired, still young enough at heart to inspire her grandchildren to dream.

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